Cleaning & Caring For Your Alloy Wheels

There are lots of things you can use, but a good sponge and brush with a non acidic wheel liquid say from Auto Glym helps remove brake dust, salt and road film.

Regardless of who you use, remember to choose an non-abrasive agent. At the end of the day use warm soapy water regularly and your wheels will always look clean, preventing corrosion.

You probably chose your Alloy Wheels because they look good, well why not keep them looking good!

However well you look after them unfortunately they might get damaged and need a Face Wheel Repair or Full Wheel Repair.

This is where Kingswinford Alloys can help, we can repair any wheel, straighten, weld, paint and Diamond Cut.

For additional information or want to discuss your wheels then either drop in and see us, contact us via the website or give us a call.

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