Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment

We  Can Repair Kerbed, Chipped & Damaged Wheels + Remove Any Corrosion

Kingswinford Alloys can repair any Alloy Wheel, from a buckled or dented wheel, a complete wheel refurb or a small face repair. We can even customise your wheels to any colour or requirement.

Dependant on the level of damage we can either complete a small face repair, and repair the isolated area only. We can also do a complete refurb where we remove the tyre, and dip the wheel in acid; then basically start again.

A full repair will take a lot longer than the face repair as there are many more processes, and will mean we need your wheel for a day or so.

But please do speak to us first so we can give you an exact time frame.

For instance to completely repair/refurb an Alloy Wheel, they need to go through a number of processes, and need time between each process.

Typical Alloy Wheel Repair Process

The following is the most common process for a complete Repair/Refurb of an Alloy Wheel

  • Remove Alloy Wheel from Vehicle
  • Remove Tyre from it’s Wheel
  • Repair Damaged Alloy Wheel
  • Dip Alloy Wheel in Hydrochloric Acid – Take Wheel back to bare Alloy
  • Sandblast Wheel
  • Clean Wheel in High Temperature Washer
  • Coat Alloy Wheel in Primer
  • Bake Wheel
  • Powder Coat the Wheel
  • Paint Wheel in desired colour
  • Bake Wheel
  • Apply Protective Lacquer to Wheel
  • Bake Wheel
  • Diamond Cut the face of the Wheel – ONLY Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Apply Hardened Lacquer to Wheel
  • Bake Wheel
  • Refit Tyre to Wheel and fit to Vehicle


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