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Diamond Alloy Wheel Cutting is a process where the alloy wheel is placed on a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Lathe, the wheel is then secured and rotated at high speed whilst a diamond cutter removes the face of the wheel, usually just a few thousands of an inch!

Repairing a Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel involves the same processes as a painted wheel but in addition it is then cut and then a protective skin of lacquer is applied.

We use all the latest technology, guided by our expert technicians who have been fully trained on all this equipment.

If you’re not sure that your wheels are ‘Diamond Cut’, then get in touch with us or send us a photo of your wheel to us via email.

Diamond Alloy Wheel Cutting in Action

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Refurbishment

Over a prolonged period of time, Diamond Cut Alloys will start to show signs of corrosion, particularly where water has penetrated the protective coating which then spreads throughout the rest of the Wheel’s surface.

Impacts from stones and other “projectile” objects will make small but significant holes in the lacquer surface.

When this happens, the lacquer will be compromised and will need replacing to create a new protective layer, without holes.

We will do this by washing the wheel followed by processing on the Diamond Cutting Lathe to remove a small amount off the surface of the alloy, in this way removing the old Lacquer and leaving a brand New shiny finish.

Finally, a new protective layer of Lacquer is applied and the Wheel is then ready to re-fit onto the Car.

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