Locking Wheelnut Repair / Removal Services

Locking Wheelnuts are a security feature designed to help you mitigate the chances for your cars alloy wheels being stolen.

But if you lose your special removal key you could be in real trouble!

If you HAVE lost yours, don’t worry. Kingswinford Alloys can help!

We use a special wheelnut removal tool that grips securely onto the locking wheel nut which allows us to safely remove the locking nut, without causing any damage to your wheel.

Your Locking Wheelnut Key is usually kept with the Jack in the boot of your car and it’s a good idea to keep it with the car just in case you ever need to remove the wheels in an emergency.

Kngswinford Alloys offer a Locking Wheelnut Removal Service

Fixed Price Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service

  • Replacement locking wheel nuts available
  • Experienced technicians
  • £20 per wheel
  • £60 for 4 wheels

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