Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer basically means that the part e.g. an Alloy Wheel is a genuine part, as used by the original manufacturer – but doesn’t necessarily mean the manufacturer made it.

So as an example, a lot of wheels are made in Italy by a company called Ronal, so Mercedes for instance use Ronal Alloy Wheels on a lot of their cars, so when someone asks you are your wheels genuine, they are asking if they are genuine Ronal wheels that were fitted to a Mercedes vehicle.

OEM Wheels are worth a lot more money, than a wheel that is a fake / replica of the wheel for obvious reasons. Basically the copies available on the market look identical, other than the stamps found on the back of the wheel, and generally are a lot lighter. More serious though they are not built to the same quality and are inferior to the original part.

Copy / Fake / Replica Wheels are more likely to crack or buckle and basically are not as good as an Original. A lot of sellers of these wheels on eBay for instance use words like ‘Style’ e.g. AMG Style Alloy Wheels, which would lead you to believe you are buying a Genuine AMG Alloy Wheel.

So, always make sure you are buying Genuine OEM Alloy Wheels!



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