Vehicle Parking Sensor Fitting Service

Parking Sensors are a dream come true, how many times have you parked your car and got out to find you have ‘loads of room’ left yet you thought you were really close in fact inches away.

Worst still you just popped to the shops to get a loaf of bread and BANG, you just reversed into the car behind you!

Lots of cars now come with Parking Sensors fitted as standard.

So what if your car hasn’t got parking sensors? Well don’t worry we can fit a new system to most cars both front and back.

For instance to completely repair/refurb an Alloy Wheel, they need to go through a number of processes, and need time between each process.

Parking Sensors are very easy to fit and would only take on average about an hour to fit. Our kits come in matt black ready for spraying, so our kits are ready to fit ‘any’ car.

Our Parking Sensor Fitting Service starts at £139.00 so roughly the price of the average car insurance ‘excess’.

For additional information or want to discuss your wheels then either drop in and see us, contact us via the website or give us a call.

How Parking Sensors Work

Little sensors using Ultrasonic Technology fitted to the car usually in the car bumpers omit a sound wave, and as soon as an object comes into range this sends a message to the head unit which then usually makes a warning sound.

This can either be a small pitch sound getting louder and louder the closer you get to an object. Or the more practical ones that actually tell you e.g. “1.5 metres” via a little speaker.


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